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Английский язык (часть 2)

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Вопросы тестирования по предмету  - Английский язык (часть 2).  ТПУ

• Users purchase electricity from the grid can not avoid the costly exercise of having to generate their own. 

• The power grid is an electrical network that connects a variety of electric generators to the suppliers of electric power. 

• To drive highly efficient electric motors such as induction motors you need three-phase power. 

• The losses, appearing in the form of heat, are equal to the current squared times the electrical resistance through which the current flows. 

•The age of electricity began in 1919. 

• Transforming is important because higher voltages suffer less power loss during transmission. 

• Modern power engineering consists of two main subsystems. 

• There are several different transformation processes, among which are chemical, photo-voltaic, and electromechanical. 

• The turbine-generator conversion process is the most economical and most common in the industry today. 

• The AC synchronous machine is the least common technology for generating electrical energy. 

• The operating costs of generating electrical energy is determined by the fuel cost and the efficiency of the power station. 

• When an extended conductor has similar potentials at its ends, the free electrons of the conductor itself are caused to drift from one end to the other. 

 • The circuit is broken when an electric device is switched off. 

• The circuit is “closed” when an electric device is switched on.  when an electric device is switched off. 

• When electrical devices are connected so that the current flows from one device to another, they are said «to be connected in series». 

• The “parallel” circuit provides two or more paths for the passage of current. 

• The “short” circuit is produced when the current can return to the source of supply under control. 

  • Anybody is satisfied if the thing they want to rent ........ (to look) new. 

 • One's practice always suffers if one ....... (to disregard) it. 

• Experiment can happen only if both conditions ........(to exist). 

• If a small firm ....... (to face) a monopoly, it comes into its total power. 

 If you drink a little alcohol, never ........ (to drive). 

 • If air ....... (expand), it becomes lighter. 

 • If Jane ........ (fly), she orders a special meal. 

• If I travel a long way, I always .......(fly). 

• If you ....... (practise) your French every day, you can improve it quickly. 

 • If a chip pan ....... (set) alight, throw blanket on it. 

• If she ....... (clean) in a flat, she listens to the radio. 

• Cathy will be able to go on holiday if she ....... (to save) enough money. 

• If I ....... (go) swimming every day, I’ll look very good. 

• If I ....... ( not find) another job, I’ll lose my flat. 

• If you ....... (to work) hard you may be promoted. 

• If I meet interesting people, I ....... (go) to lots of parties. 

 • If I lose my job, I ....... ( not find) another job. 

• If Peter ....... (to do) lots of exercise he'll be fit and healthy. 

• If you ....... (look after) the car, it will never break down. 

• I ....... (go) home as soon as I carry out my work. 

• If he ....... (to arrive) on time we'll have dinner before we go out. 

• Mary won't go to Australia unless I ....... (to pay) for her tickets. 

• Unless it ....... (to rain) we'll go for a walk. 

• Please call me if you ....... (to need) any help. 

• A three-phase circuit, under balanced conditions has no constant, nonpulsating, instantaneous power. 

• Almost all bulk electric power generation and consumption take place in three-phase systems. 

• Most of three-phase systems are four-wire, wye-connected systems. 

• The cost of a neutral conductor is substantially more than that of a phase conductor. 

• Faulty wiring can subject an individual to …… 

• Stray …… affects farm animals, especially dairy cattle. 

• When cattle drink from electric feeding troughs or are attached to electric milking machines, small …... pass through the cattle. 

• Some juries have awarded …. to farmers whose cattle have been damaged. 

• Electromagnetic …... are created whenever current moves through power lines. 

• He would open the door if he ....... (have) the key. 

• If she got good grades, she ........ (go) university. 

• If cameras ....... (not cost) so much, we would buy one. 

• We would paint the house if we ....... (have) the time. 

• If he weren’t so bad-tempered, his wife ....... (not leave) him so soon after the marriage. 

• If I visited Brazil, I definitely ....... (see) the Carnival show. 

• If I ....… (lose) my job, I’d go back to university. 

• Where would you live if you ....… (can) choose? 

• What would you do if he ….... (ask) you to marry him? 

 • You ....... (pass) the test if you had studied more. 

• She would have lost her keys if I ....... (not pick) them up. 

• If he ....... (save) some money, he would have been able to go on holiday. 

• If you hadn’t been ill, you .......(go) to the party. 

• Jason would have broken his arm if he ........ (be) more careful. 

• If John had come to the football match, he ....... (like) it. 

• If I .....… (be) here yesterday, I would have come to see you. 

• If Joe ….... (work) harder, he would have passed the exams. 

• If you ….... (take) a map with you, you wouldn’t have got lost. 

• You ....… (not sleep) badly if you hadn’t drunk all that coffee. 

• Put the main elements of the power grid in the right order. 

• Write an affirmative sentence. 

• I … if I’d known he was so ill. 

• An AC/DC power ……. is a type of external power supply. 

• We won’t have the meeting tomorrow unless everybody …….. (agree). 

• Can I take the typewriter if you …..… with it? 

• There …….. trouble if they try to stop him leaving. 

• A power surge is • If you … that program, you would have enjoyed it. 

 • The children always ……. frightened if they watch horror films. 

• What are the main components of power engineering? 

 • I don’t know what I’d do if John ……. in an accident. 

• What are the main kinds of electric circuits? 

• Answer the question. Several options are possible. 

• The electrical bell circuit is considered to be a typical example of …….. 

• What do the dangers from electricity include? 

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